The Anti-Hero

The Anti-Hero

The Anti-Hero DefinedHow would you define an anti-hero? A bad guy? A good guy that is kind of…bad? A deviant? Here’s how the dictionary will define anti-hero for you: an·ti·he·roˈan(t)ēˌhirō,ˈan(t)īˌhirō/nounnoun: anti-heroa central character in a story,...

Story Structure Work Shop

Another fantastic workshop from LTUE (Life the Univerise and Everything) from a few years ago. This one in particular really helped me get unstuck with my writing. I had written over 300 pages on a middle grade novel I was working on, and I was plain stuck. A friend...

Story Structure

I attended LTUE at BYU a few years ago and had the privilege to listen to Dan Wells give a great presentation on story structure. At the time, his thoughts on the matter really seemed to unravel some of my plotting issues, and generally seemed to just get me unstuck....

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