My Author Firsts

When my friend’s wife was pregnant, I went about trying to secure all the “firsts” with the baby before he was born. I had the first conference call with him—while still in the womb—among other things. This gave me an idea. Here, I will chronicle my author firsts. This is where I chronicle the milestones of my writing career:

  • I wrote something.
  • I joined a critique group.
  • I finished a piece of flash fiction.
  • I shared my writing for critique.
  • I submitted a piece for publishing.
  • I got rejected, and cried.
  • The editor on that same piece above asked me to change one sentence, and decided to accept it. I subsequently stopped crying.
  • I got traditionally published.
  • I wrote for an anthology.
  • I attended a writing conference.
  • I started a book, and didn’t finish. I moved on.
  • I wrote a short story. Then I wrote more.
  • I finished a novel.
  • I had an arc reader want to throw my book.
  • I changed the ending.
  • I  self-published a book.
  • The book won some accolades.
  • I made a writing playlist on Spotify.
  • I commissioned a book trailer, and wrote a script for it.
  • I got a 5-star review.
  • I received a 1-star review.
  • I had someone DNF (Did Not Finish) my book.
  • I did a book signing.
  • I autographed a book.
  • I held a baby.
  • I autographed a kids arm.
  • I had a fan email me.
  • I taught kids about writing in an elementary assembly.
  • I received some nice/funny etters from children.
  • I had a kid thank me for writing a book.
  • I had people ask about the sequel.
  • I set a date for the sequel, and missed by a year.

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