How to Write a Story that Rocks

A few years ago I attended a fantastic workshop called How to Write a Story that Rocks at the Life the Universe and Everything (LTUE) writer’s symposium at Brigham Young University. I participated in what ended up being a wonderful writing workshop entitled, “How to Write a Story that Rocks.” Recently I found the videos for that workshop online and have included them below. This writing workshop was delivered by Larry Correia and John Brown. They included a great cheat sheet for a handout, which I am including a link for below.   Larry Correia’s Website John Brown’s Website     Here’s the link to the writing workshop’s handout:  How to Write a Story that Rocks HANDOUT. If you visit John Brown’s website, I think you’ll not only find that he’s a great writer, but you’ll find a very kind man willing to teach and to share some of the tools and resources he has. I really love that about him.   

How to Write a Story that Rocks Workshop

What follows is a series of twelve clips that make up the workshop. You can sit down and watch the whole thing, or you can take it bit by bit. Ultimately, this was one of the best workshops I’ve attended, rivaled only by Dan Well’s workshop on the 7 point plot structure (also witnessed at LTUE).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

  Part 4

  Part 5

 Part 6

  Part 7

Part 8

 Part 9

  Part 10

  Part 11

Part 12


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