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I attended LTUE at BYU a few years ago and had the privilege to listen to Dan Wells give a great presentation on story structure. At the time, his thoughts on the matter really seemed to unravel some of my plotting issues, and generally seemed to just get me unstuck. For your convenience, here is a quick modeling of the 7 point structure as he calls it.   Hook = Get reader interest. (opposite state of the resolution) Plot Turn 1 = Moves you from the beginning to the mid point. Intro the conflict. The character’s world changes. Meet new people, discover new secrets, follow the white rabbit. Pinch 1 = Apply pressure: Something goes wrong, bad guys attack, peace is destroyed. Force the characters into action. Often used to intro the villain. Midpoint = you determine to do something. The character moves from reaction to action. Pinch 2 = Apply more pressure until the situation seems hopeless: a plan fails, a mentor dies leaving the hero alone, the bad guy seems to win. “Jaws of defeat.” Plot Turn 2 = the power is in you. Obtain the thing needed to make the resolution happen Resolution = Satisfy the reader. (opposite state of the hook)   Well, imagine my joy when I stumbled across this very presentation on! For those of you looking to understand story structure, here is the presentation below in five parts.  

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

  Here is Dan Well’s accompanying power point presentation for Story Structure. Story Structure Power Point    

The Memory Eater

The Memory Eater

The Memory Eater is finally here, now available in eBook and paperback.

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The Memory Eater is an anthology consisting of 27 uniquely illustrated stories based on a device with the ability to locate and destroy any memory in the human mind. Follow the story of a conflicted man who tries to become the fantasy inside his head by deleting reality. Or the story of a devastated couple who lost their child and turn to a shady Memory Eater doctor to erase their problems. Discover the truth behind the urban legend regarding where the Memory Eater really came from, and how it was used during World War II in the fight against Hitler and Nazi Germany. Drop in for a tale of love, and how one man never gives up hope to find his childhood sweetheart after the Memory Eater tore them apart. Witness how a teenage prank involving the machine and a chore goes hilariously wrong. Or how, with the introduction of this new technology, mass paranoia begins to spread, prompting people to tirelessly investigate their own pasts. See how the Memory Eater will shape the future into the perfect utopia. How it evolves into much more than deleting memories. Memories will become transferable and sold in back alleys. They’ll become viral. But ultimately, nothing will be safe, not even the sacred depths of the mind.

A gentleman named Matt was the first to review the book. Here is what he had to say:

“Ok so I just finished the entire book and MAN OH MAN IS IT GOOD!! I have to be honest another one of my kickstarters refereed me to this one and although i thought it looked interesting i didn’t think it would be all that great. Honestly thething I looked forward to the most were the illustrations but after reading the entire thing… NO scratch that after reading the first story it all felt completely worth it and it just kept getting better and better and better. Every single one of those storys were so interesting and the were different enough where even thought they were mostly all based in the same realm of reality it always felt like i was reading a new book. I cant wait till you start selling this because I’m gonna refer this book to all my friends. EXCELLENT JOB Mr.Hance and EXCELLENT JOB to all the writers.:)”

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The Crimson Pact Vol. 2 is Now Available

The wait is over! You can now pick up The Crimson Pact Vol. 2 online. The print version should be available in about a month or so. Check it out!

My story, “The Merging,” is a sci-fi story following a young student who has been thrown into a world of demons and technology. I even managed to put a love interest in there 🙂 So go check it out!

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