The Shadow’s Servant Pre-order is Live

The Shadow’s Servant Pre-order is Live

This author’s favorite day is finally here! (I mean, this is the closest I’m getting to childbirth, right?) After a ton of work, and all kinds of snafus and the like, I’m delighted to announce that The Shadow’s Servant ebook is up for pre-order worldwide, and we have an official launch date of Sept 7th across all platforms!

Not only that, but I just sent the manuscript to the great Steve Barnes, the same narrator who did such an amazing job with The Magic Shop audiobook. He’s signed on to do The Shadow’s Servant as well, and I couldn’t be happier. He’s trying to get a little reading in before he starts production in September, as well.

Here are a couple quotes from two of The Shadow’s Servant’s Alpha Readers.

1) “It was super fun seeing Marcus survive so many challenges and try to uncover the truth that his family continued to hide over and over again. I found myself constantly trying to figure things out and being deceived by other character’s double-intentions.” —Wattpad Reader

2) “I haven’t read an actual book in a while and it reminded me of my love for reading. They really need to make a movie of this, as I read I could picture everything vividly.” —Amazon Reader

If you enjoyed The Magic Shop, I think The Shadow’s Servant will really blow you away.

If you know anyone that likes this kind of book, please spread the word. I need all of you fair readers to help this book see the kind of launch it deserves.

Happy reading!

The Magic Shop Book Cover Revealed

The Magic Shop Book Cover Revealed

Well, today is one of the highlights of my life. Not only have I written a novel that my beta readers seem to enjoy (still not sure how that happened), but I have been blessed to work with an absolutely fantastic artist in Arthur Wang (see,) on the book cover. When I started the search for an artist, I wasn’t really sure how to go about it. There were lots of folks out there that offered the typical looking e-book cover, but that wasn’t what I wanted, not for my baby. I needed a powerful MG/YA cover that would make the potential reader want to open the book and get to know my characters, and their story. Magic Shop Animated Cover Small I know a bunch of people on to be excellent artists, so I decided to start poking around there. Once I figured out where artists posted for commission requests, I spent days going through different portfolios and assessing the various artists’ styles. There was something in Arthur’s art… He captured something in the face of his characters that really spoke to me. I knew that I needed to capture a sense of wonder on the cover, and I just had a feeling that Arthur was the right choice for me. I was right. Oh, so right. As I tought of an interesting way to chronicle this process, I realized that I could use the update pictures that Arthur sent me throughout the process to create an animated GIF. I thought this would be a way to bring the book cover to life, and in an abbreviated way, you could travel on the same journey that Arthur and I did together. In a way, this process is not dissimilar to writing the novel itself. He sent me an initial rough draft, something to give me the basic shapes and ideas he had for the cover. Then you can see he focused in on the central most important part — Marcus’ (the main character’s) face, and let the painting grow organically from there. Arthur did a great job of capturing that sense of wonder as Marcus looks down on a key focus of the book – the magical Phoenix skull. He later added the ambiance of the shrieking forest, the magical wisps around the skull, and moved the flaming birds and burning branches around in the background. And then there was the hand-made typography… The results were fantastic. I suppose the greatest compliment I could pay to Arthur is this – seeing his art, his book cover, made me want to back and edit my book again so that my art would be as awesome as his. Thanks Arthur! If any other authors are looking for a great experience, and an exceptional result, check out Arthur’s website.


Here is the non-animated version with the Shadow Magic Series badge on the cover:

  The Magic Shop book cover

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