There are secrets, and then there are secrets.
Marcus has lost his sister to his magical mother, and he doesn’t know where to look for her. His father has deservedly been taken away into captivity for releasing the once banished Shadow Magic again on the world. Ovix, and the old ones intend to deal with him properly.
But there is a plan in place. It has been there since before Marcus was born. And, unbeknownst to him, he is very much a part of it, and it is only beginning.
Follow Marcus as he sets out to rescue his sister, only to find that she may not be the same person since the year they’ve been apart. Marcus must navigate the magical world as it falls apart around him, and at the same time, save his sister. All the while not playing his role in the plan that his wayward parents have set for him, the role he has played so well thus far.
Book one, The Magic Shop, exposed many Fith family secrets they had hidden from each other for decades, but not all. Book two, The Shadow’s Servant, will explore the deep, dark secrets. The kind you don’t say out loud. The ancient plot that Sol and Mirella have hidden under the nose of everyone in the magical world.

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