A Little Bit About Moi

Name: Justin Swapp

Born: October 5, 1975

Place of Birth: On a military base in Rota, Spain (Province of Cadiz)

Languages: English and Spanish

Education: This is where you might expect me to write that I ran a news paper at Layton High School, or that I at least put together the Yearbook, but I didn’t. I’ve always loved learning, but my eduction took me in the direction of business. I love being creative, and it took me a while to realize that. I’ve always loved writing, but I kind of suppressed it. So, two degrees later – A Bachelors in Business Marketing from The University of Phoenix, and an MBA from The University of Utah – I have to say that my education has served me well, but it’s also helped me realize that I need to be creative.

Childhood influences: The first book series I ever read was the Lord of the Rings. I laid on a mattress in my room and devoured the pages. I had never read like that before, especially given that I had a harder time reading when I was younger. There was something about the story that compelled me to keep going. I didn’t know it at that time, but I wanted that power 🙂

As I grew up my love for writing was there, but it largely went unrecognized. It was when I entered my MBA program at the U of U that I decided to write a book (yeah, I know, strange timing.) Things accelerated quickly as I remembered the joy good reading brought me, and how I wanted to write what would be deemed as good reading.

Other influences came flooding back to me – movies, other books; people I had met, and various things I had experienced. I had resurrected something I loved, and my mind knew it was time to let everything loose.

Work experience: I traveled the world for work – mostly Latin America. For me, it was the various cultures and cities I lived in that helped form part of my writing. There is so much to see, and wonder about when you leave the USA, and I like to be held in wonder. I learned that part of my writing style is to try to hold the reader in suspense this way – with wonder.

Oh yeah, and the food is REALLY good outside the country too. Don’t get me wrong, I love the USA – we’re blessed to live here, but there is more for your plate than burgers and hot dogs. 🙂

Family: I live with my wife and four children, Braydon, Ashlee, Ellie, and Xander.

Pets: Currently no pets, but my children have been known to hide under the bed.

Favorite story I wrote: That’s tough. I’ve given each story I’ve ever written a piece of me.

Favorite character in my books: Elba from The Magic Shop. You’re just never sure which side she’s on.

In my spare time: I like to daydream, consume anything about the paranormal or mythical, play the guitar, and various games.

Here is my study where I do a lot of my writing. I have a nice, comfortable chair, and my solace.



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