The Crimson Pact Vol. 1

The Crimson Pact Vol. 1


The Crimson Pact is an anthology centered around one common theme – demons. Paul Genesse and Patrick Tracy c0-authored a short story called The Failed Crusade about a doomed general trying to destroy the last remnants of a demonic army. The other 26 stories in the anthology are born from that one story. They transcend genre and style.


Details on The Failed Crusade:

In the carnage that remains after the last great battle between a doomed general’s army and last remnants of a demonic host, the general discovers that his enemies have been smarter than anyone imagined. In the moment when they should have been annihilated, the demons escaped into other unsuspecting worlds. The only way for him to pursue them and fulfill the Pact is to cross the void as a spirit . . . by sacrificing his own life.

Don’t wait – go check it out. It has great reviews at all the major outlets (Amazon, B&N, Good Reads etc.) Click on the link below.




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