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The Force Awakens Trailer # 2 and #1

Great news, Star Wars fans. 2015 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for the Star Wars franchise. It didn’t take too long after Disney acquired the Star Wars platform from Lucas Arts for it to start production on several projects. Not the least of which is the new movie due out at the end of 2015 – The Force Awakens. Trailer 2 just came out, and you can watch it below, along with the first one that was released about four months ago. The Force Awakens, trailer # 2 gives us some interesting answers to questions that trailer #1 caused.

The Force Awakens Trailer 2

  Apparently this movie is going to follow Anakin and Padme’s children! The force will awaken in them. I’m going to guess that we’ll see both the son and the daughter grow strong in the force. How about that Darth Vader helmet? It kind of looked like a wilted, black pumpkin 🙂 The star destroyer crashed on the planet reminded me a lot of the epic scene in The Force Unleashed when Starkiller used the force to crash the ship in similar fashion. If you haven’t already caught the first trailer for The Force Awakens, you can watch it below.

The Force Awakens Trailer 1


  Besides the movies, 2015 promises us a new Star Wars Battlefront game as well!

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer

Update – EA just released a new trailer for Battlefront, and boy is it gorgeous. I can’t believe this is all rendered off the in-game engine. I can’t wait to get this in November!  


Here is the E3 trailer of Star Wars Battlefront.


Another Star Wars Battlefront Trailer (with early leaked footage?)

What do you think? What are your theories on The Forced Awakened? Leave me a comment below!

Star Wars Battlefront: Multiplayer Gameplay | E3 2015 “Walker Assault” on Hoth

This just came out at E3 2015. Check out the fantastic gameplay during this five-minute trailer called, “Walker Assault” on Hoth. There’s a lot of Star Wars goodness at E3 this year.


STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire – “Sacrifice” Trailer

“A man can have anything, if he is willing to sacrifice everything.” Wow, just wow. Check out this Star Wars trailer from E3 2015.  Knights of the Fallen Empire seems to be an expansion to The Old Republic. Whether you play the game or not, this is a fantastic trailer. They convey so much in a mere few minutes.  


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