Karr is a seemingly normal teenage boy, but he has a little secret. He gets headaches and blacks out when he touches certain objects.


Because he’s a force sensitive, that’s why. It’s like he force flashes the experience of any object that he touches that has history with the force. These flashes can be visions of people he doesn’t know, or places he’s never been, or events that don’t always make sense in time or place. 

Other than that, he’s just your average galactic teenager. He has to go to school, help his parents with their business, and probably enjoys tinkering around with speeders and droids, and shooting womp rats, too.

As you might expect, Karr’s family is worried that he isn’t well, and they spend lot of time and resources on doctors and medical care for him. But his grandmother has a different opinion. She feels like his headaches and visions come from the force–that they mean something.

Once grandma plants that idea in his head, Karr starts to wonder about his place in the universe. Karr needs answers. He contemplates these Jedi that his grandmother mentioned. Do they still exist? Are they reaching out to him, somehow? Does he have the force, and if it does, what’s his destiny? What if the First Order finds out about him?

Karr has so many questions that he’s propelled into action. He starts collecting historical artifacts, hoping to touch his way to a true Jedi relic that will give him a vision strong enough to teach him the ways of the Jedi, or lead him to someone who can.

This story is his journey to come closer to the force. He makes friends, and they start on a fun adventure that takes them all over the galaxy, quest hopping, until he eventually finds his way, and his own place with the force. 

This is a good book. I’d give it 4 force faints out of 5. Check it out on audio, like I did. Euan Morton is a great narrator.


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